Ian, Andrew, Trish

What you achieved on my behalf was a little miracle all unto itself.

I asked you to find a buyer who would allow me to rent my home back to me..... one month later, VOILA!

You did a wonderful job finding the right buyer, negotiating the sale, and then setting up my rental agreement.


Jennifer Toms ‚20/05/2013

Thank you so much for the smooth sale of our home. Ian Dower gave us excellent service from start to finish and was backed up by a friendly and helpful office team, everyone showed great knowledge and professionalism. 

We tried the rest but ended up selling our house with the best. We are recommending you to everyone.

Once again a big thank you 

Laura and Alan Hickin ‚14/05/2013

Let me say it has been a delight dealing with your company and the new people have a very high bar to clear..

All the best for you and Andrew in the future!!

Tom ‚22/06/2012

Under your direction, your organisation has set the bar quite high.  I can only hope the in-coming operators are equally capable.

All the very best for your future endeavours

Pete ‚21/06/2012

"By the way, thank you so much for the removal of the car and gas bottle and for the pictures. It was above and beyond, and I want your agency to know how much we appreciate it.  I cant tell you how amazing it has been in helping us and how shocked people have been when we've talked about our experience with you guys.  You have completely broken the sterotype of the real estate agent (I'm assuming you know thats high praise)"

Juanita and Guy

"As a retired Company Director of Brother International, I have dealt with a wide variety of folk over the years, and often reserve judgement regarding the levels of attention and professionalism that I encounter.  In dealing with your Company, no such reservations are needed, as I very much appreciate the evident promptness, attention to detail, and communication skills encountered when dealing with your Company.  Having tried 2 other Real Estate Agent companies may I take this opportunity to thank the management and colleagues for the super way you sold my property.


"We found your company a joy to work with. Your relaxed manner belied a thoroughly professional approach to selling our alternative lifestyle properties. The principals showed initiative and an inventive strategy to realize sales in a short space of time. We would not hesitate to use your company again"

Lynda and Libby and Tony

"I hope you do well in QLD.  Many thanks for the great service to date, starting with how easy it was to buy the house in the first place.  All the best"

Paul ‚18/06/2012

"All the best we will miss you both"

Lynda and Tony ‚18/06/2012

"Wishing all the best for the future and thanks for all your assistance to date"

Jeannie ‚17/06/2012