Stand out from the crowd with 4rent4sale

Stand out from the crowd with 4rent4sale

What we recommend for your property is a strategy to make it stand out from the crowd and this will maximise the return from the market. As your Marketing Agents, we will conduct a well-planned and competitive program to ensure we achieve the best results on your behalf

We are member of:

  • Real Estate Institute of QLD (Accredited Agency 2020)

What you can expect:


Prominent Signage: 4rent4sale “For Sale” signs are instantly recognisable and designed to draw attention to your property 24 hours a day.

Display Photos: Your property will be photographed free of charge. We are constantly complimented on our photos and presentation. Aerial and property tours (360) can be organised.

Realestate Book: Your property will be advertised free of charge in our booklet. Our booklet is produced in-house, updated daily and available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Window Displays: Your property will be advertised as a full colour A4 window card display in our very visible window at our prime site in Tin Can Bay.

Internet Promotion:


More and more people are using technology to find that special property. To find the one special buyer for your property, it is vital that it is seen where the buyers are looking. When you list with 4rent4sale your property will be on our internet display sites.

Some of our features:

  • Your Property is advertised as NEW when first listed
  • Feature Property - limited places (please ask at time of listing)

Property Viewings

Inspection by Appointment: All visitors to your home will be followed up for their comments, which will be relayed to you very soon after the viewing.

Sales Reporting: You will receive regular updates advising of all enquiry, inspections and interest in your property.

How the value of your Property is established

It is important that you appreciate it is not the Consultant or a Valuer who puts a price on your home, but the market!

It is our role to put enough facts before you about properties that have sold in the area, to allow you to make an informed decision, It is crucial that your initial advertised selling price is not out of touch with the value indicated by the market analysis.

Properties that are comparatively priced at the beginning of the campaign, usually achieve a quicker sale.

Marketing, advertising, signboards and internet all contribute to find a buyer for any property, but in the end it is the price that is the main determinant. Buyers respond to market value...not asking prices.

Things to keep in mind about 'The Marketing of your Property'

The property market is no different to any other market. It responds to supply and demand. Buyers will shop around until they find the home that suits their requirements and research suggests that buyers look at 14 homes on average before they buy. They may find more than one home they like and, if they do, then they will buy the home that represents the best value to them. Buyers will make a decision based on the initial "feel" of your home.

Let us consult our 'waiting list'

Everything has been designed to get maximum exposure for your property. A buyer may be on our files waiting to find a home like yours.

Why list with 4rent4sale

At 4rent4sale, our sales team has the experience to market and sell your property to achieve the best result and we will continue to offer honest and reliable advice and services, We are always aware that we are engaged by you the vendor.

Why you can trust 4rent4sale

We are credible, well-respected, experienced, responsible, hard working and have a proven ability to appraise market and sell properties.

We know how to sell your property

The marketing and value of your home are very important factors you need to know and will be discussed before advertising your property for sale. We know the right methods to market your property and we have the experience to give you an accurate market value of the property.

Company Profile

4rent4sale specialises in:

  • Residential Sales
  • Commercial Property Sales
  • Rural Property Sales
  • Property Management
  • Residential Rentals
  • Storage shed Rentals
  • Industrial Shed Rentals

Our team have a strong commitment to the needs of our clients; offer personalised service, accessibility and dedication to industry ethics together with the highest level of expertise. WE ARE AN ACCREDITED REIQ AGENCY.

Staunchly independent, 4rent4sale has a strong profile in a demanding market place through its efficiency, competence and commitment to the highest standards of real estate practice.

Property Management

4rent4sale brings substantial property management expertise to the region and as a consequence forges professional relationships with 'Landlords' and 'Tenants' - an amazing 'pool' of potential buyers.

Customer Service

Great customer service is our Motto at all times and you will have experienced professionals who work with you.