Choosing the right Property Management team

How do you choose a Property Management Team

Property Management is serious business! 

When selecting a Property Manager you need to choose someone who knows the law & is confident in applying it.

Someone who will pay attention to the finer details & continually strives to maximise the return on your investment.


Questions to Ask when engaging a Property Manager 

Question:  Is the management service of a very high standard?
Answer:  Our commitment is to strive towards providing you with the highest standard of service.  Promises are easily made & just as easily forgotten. 

Question:  Does the Agency hand out keys to prospective tenants? No! Does the Agency place a “For Rent” sign on your property. No! This sends a message that the property is vacant. This promotes the Agency and does not protect the property.
Answer:  We make time to meet prospective tenants at the property.  This enables us to meet & interview future applicants.  Also by meeting the prospective tenant we are not jeopardising your insurance eg giving key access to people we do not know & perhaps causing malicious damage to your property. * We prefer to reference check would-be tenants prior to showing your property. We do this so we know the background of “who” is visiting your investment.

Question:  When will I receive my rent money?
Answer:  You can receive your payments twice monthly at mid & end of month, the choice is yours!

Question:  How often are fair market rent reviews completed?
Answer:  Rent reviews are completed prior to the expiry of the tenancy. We will contact you prior to the lease expiry date and discuss any rental increases. We will suggest a fair market rental value for your property to help you maximise your return.

Question:  Will regular inspections be completed
Answer:  We will complete regular inspections 3 times a year and send you the report. At the commencement of the tenancy we complete a comprehensive in going condition report – this report is compared with the comprehensive out going condition report at the end of the tenancy.

Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 & Smoke Alarms

As a Real Estate Agency, we must work within the law.  Landlords have various obligations to their tenants.  Property Managers/Owners must test & clean smoke alarms & replace any flat or nearly flat batteries within 30 days before the start or renewal of a tenancy.

At the start of the tenancy & continuing throughout the tenancy, the lessor must ensure:

  1. The premises & inclusions are clean
  2. The premises are fit for the tenant to live in
  3. The premises & inclusions are in good repair
  4. The lessor is not in breach of the law dealing with issues about the health or safety of persons using or entering the premises.